About Jennifer Stone

“To this day, I am still humbled when I am made aware my painting has touched the soul of another person, or brought them pleasure,” she says. “This inspires me and gives me hope that I can continue to leave an impression with some of the images I have created.”


Creating art for Jennifer Stone is as natural and necessary to her as breathing. Primarily self-taught, Jennifer dedicates the majority of her time painting in her studio.  “My studio is located next door to our home, on an acreage surrounded by trees, wildlife and serenity. This keeps my mind free of any of life’s busyness and gives me the opportunity to focus with an open and clear mind.”

An award winning artist, Jennifer Stone has been painting for over 30 years. Her expressions are primarily water media, and feature unconventional methods to enhance design, color, and texture. The art she creates is typically abstracted, or non-representational and reflects Jennifer’s own unique interpretation of our world.

Mixed media is Jennifer’s preferred medium at this time.  Her curiosity in creating her own handmade collage papers has launched a new workshop that she teaches and has been well received by other mixed media enthusiasts.

Jennifer’s singular style has earned her numerous awards and countless admirers. Her accolades include both state and national titles, with her work displayed in private and corporate collections internationally.

Jennifer has studied with a variety of artists, including Cheng-Khee Chee, Gerald Brommer, Robert Burridge, Zoltan Zsabo, Anne Bagby,  Mark Mehaffey, Andy Evansen, Karen Knutson, Janet Rogers, and many more. This assisted her on her journey to find her voice. While the influence of each of these learning experiences can be found in her art, Jennifer’s own voice speaks clearly in her work. This is attributed to the dedication she puts forth in working at her craft.

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