In April, I had the pleasure to teach a workshop for NorthStar Watermedia Society in North Oaks, MN. I taught my collage making and painting with mixed media class, to a group of very enthusiastic artists! I enjoyed each and every one of them as they shared their art with me as we painted for 4 days. I did a demonstration one evening for the NorthStar meeting and it was well attended by the public! I combined original collage and acrylic paint to demonstrate what we had been doing all week in class. The group offered up many great questions regarding my art and my journey to date. I shared with them that I am more of a mixed media artist these days, using collage, pencils, paints, crayons, molding paste, etc to enhance my work. I am a big fan of texture so whatever it takes to achieve that, I’ll try! 25 years ago, I started out as a watercolorist and then added collage to my repertoire. Then I discovered acrylic and it’s capabilities! My collage making started with trying to create a purchased paper that I couldn’t find any longer. Thus, my newest workshop! Creating collage papers has been so much fun!  I have Anne Bagby to thank for starting that fire and showing me how to create very interesting and unique papers!

I’d like to thank Patty Healy and Ann Sisel for hosting me at North Oaks, MN and conducting a very smooth workshop in a perfect location! I enjoyed the artists that took the class and look forward to seeing more of their art!

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